I focus my studio practice on the investigation of objects, materiality, and aesthetics. Through which I explore the intersections among ideas of desire, power, submission, and empathy. I am interested in how I can utilize "style" as a strategy to provoke and subvert a political agency. Inquiring how ideas of a sensibility have been used as a form of resistance. As a result, working sculpturally or pictorially , the structures and imagery I create present themselves with a sense of vibrancy, flare, and maybe a question of taste, that optically commands a corporeal presence and stance. Additionally I embed the personal into the work by examining events, areas, and/or objects that have aided in the construction of my selfhood. Identifying the items or spaces of empowerment I’ve had within my life, resulting in an artistic output that calls to my own autobiographical narrative and combining it with aesthetic militancy.  

Contact with any inquries at - jkorot@artic.edu