I am an artist who works with fiber in sculptural form. I begin with seemingly mundane interior spaces and domestic objects. I then draw or sketch as ways to visually and critically investigate these domestic interiors in terms of gendered power dynamics. Working with yarn and string, I wrap objects and create new skins for them, cloaking and distorting the often sexualized associations of the original. Playful hand-rendered and applied surfaces create alternative imaginations of opulence and theatricality. I want people to think about the significance of ornamentation and decoration as part of political mobilization in feminist and queer history. As a maker, I think of ways to allow people to connect to a sense of political agency and community through aesthetic form. If viewers see my objects and are drawn to them, I want the viewer to feel affirmed in their desires or fantasies. There is no shame in this.

Contact with any inquries at - jkorot@artic.edu